Trusted Professionals and Businesses can be found on Certified Consumer Reviews

Welcome to Certified Consumer Reviews (CCR) where consumers can read, write, research and connect to Trusted Professionals and Businesses listed on our site.

Every Business or Professional listed on our site must maintain a high level of standards and customer service to remain Certified.  

Consumers have the ability to not only read and write reviews but connect directly to the business or professional to settle any disputes.  Businesses and Professionals that don’t respond become un-certified and removed from our site.

Certified Consumer Reviews mission is to help consumers and businesses communicate with the goal of resolving disputes before the reviews are posted by allowing for a positive interaction.

How Does Certified Consumer Reviews Work ?

Only real reviews from real customers who have purchased products or services from your business are eligible to become Certified on our site.

Certified Real Reviews are published to a company’s business listing within 24 hours of receipt.

Un-Certified reviews are held for 48 hours. During this time, the reviewed business is contacted and Certified Consumer Reviews conducts further investigation to determine whether the review is real or fake, spam, competitor- or employee-driven. Businesses have the opportunity to reach out to consumers who leave negative reviews, rectify the situation, and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Reviews that are posted anonymously will not be certified unless we can match the review with an actual visit to your business.  This ensures only factual testimonials are being published on our site.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our Certified Consumer Reviews Site and believe that both the Consumer and the Business will benefit from having protections in place that allow us to only deliver “real reviews on trusted businesses and professionals.”