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The Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic is located in Independence, OH and was founded by Dr. Kevin Hornsby. The clinic specializes in providing treatments for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and physicians are able to create a custom solution for patients after just one visit.

The Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic provides patients with medication that Dr. Kevin Hornsby learned of while completing his medical school residency with the University of Alabama Birmingham’s Medical School. At the time, the University held an erectile dysfunction clinical trial where patients tried the same medication that the Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic provides for its patients today. Dr. Kevin Hornsby combined the knowledge he gained during these clinical trials with what he learned about patient care while working as an ER resident to ensure that the clinic’s patients receive effective treatments without every feeling uncomfortable.

One way the Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic helps patients feel more comfortable is by completing all medical evaluations and consultations on-site to protect patient privacy. The clinic also employs an all-male staff, so that patients do not feel too embarrassed to discuss these sensitive sexual issues. Finally, patients can rest assured knowing that all medications and treatments recommended by the Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic are completely safe. Unlike name-brand prescription drugs which produce harmful side effects for many men while only eliminating erectile dysfunction for 30% of users, medications from the Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic do not have any adverse side effects. The clinic’s licensed physicians take into account each patient’s existing medical conditions and drugs that they are currently taking in order to formulate a custom solution. This not only protects the patient’s safety but also ensures a higher success rate as 98% of the clinic’s patients see results.

The Ohio Men’s Medical Clinic is also a member of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.

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Feel at ease now

Aug 19, 2014 by patient

The staff helped me feel at ease. I was very nervous and afraid to go further.

Certified Consumer Reviews , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 The staff helped me feel at ease. I was very nervous and afraid to go further.


  1. Dan says

    Great presentation and the medication sold its self after the test dose! Matt was a great medic and he helped my nervous personality calm down and the medication worked great! Very knowledgeable staff.

  2. Richard says

    Very nice staff. Matt was so patient and nice to me.. I will be calling back and coming back..

  3. Dennis says

    I had a rough experience with doctor hornsby office at the beginning , because the medication was not performing well but after a few trials , we finally found one that worked well , but the staff is very friendly and easy to work with , they are very helpful

  4. Leroy W says

    My visit here today was great. I didn’t expect the results that I got from the treatment that the clinic provided. Great place

  5. Eddie B says

    I can’t wait to start this treatment, the people that work here are good people and really smart and know what they are doing.

  6. Anthony B says

    It was a pleasant visit. I achieved great results and I’m glad I came to this clinic.

  7. Richard says

    Very good was questionable at first seemed to good to be true, but was surprised and happy with results.